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Get your preferred Claymore Costume here.
Claymore was originally a webcomic that ran on the Japanese website Shōnen Sirius. It was later picked up by publisher Kodansha and made into a series of manga and light novels. The anime adaptation of the series aired in 2009, with an English-language dub produced by Funimation Entertainment. Remember the days of Halloween when your parents would buy you that one cheap costume they couldn't find anything else for? We've never forgotten those times and want you to have a similar experience while wearing our Claymore costume! The Claymore Costume is the perfect cosplay costume for your next costume party! This great-looking outfit is both comfortable and flattering design, and our hoodie and shirt are comfortable enough to wear all day. If you're looking to cosplay or just dress up as your favorite character, we have the perfect costume for you. Choose from hoodie, t-shirt, and a shirt. Our otakuplan online store offer a wide selection of colors to fit any costume. Just choose your size and get ready for adventure!

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2 Items

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Claymore Full Set Cosplay Costumes.
Let's face it, dressing up as your favorite anime character can be a little difficult. With the Claymore costume, you'll be the talk of the convention with a classic look and feel. You'll be able to create a costume easy and affordable without having to spend hours on hours of creating it yourself! We offer a wide selection of high-quality cosplay costumes, including all of your favorite anime series and popular games. Make your next cosplay journey at Claymore easier and more comfortable with our affordable products! Get perfect, professional quality Claymore costume in just a few clicks! The Claymore Full Set Cosplay Costumes are perfect for a night of partying, whether it's Halloween or your birthday. This set includes an outfit for the head, the arms, and the body with the attached hood. The best part? You can wear your costume anywhere you want!We make costumes of all sorts. Whether you're a fan of the anime, manga, or video game series, we have an option that will suit you.

Perfect costume of Claymore
You are a Claymore! The all-encompassing perfect fit and a kilt that's perfect for battle. You'll be fighting your way around the city, looking stylish, and a little bit scary. We don't want to spoil the surprise so we'll leave it to you to find out what makes this costume so special! This is the perfect costume if you're looking for a cheap and simple Halloween costume, that you can wear again next year.

Claymore cosplay costume
Claymore is an anime series about a female assassin and her fight against corruption of the world. This official cosplay costume is made of high quality fabric with a zipper on the front and built in hoodie and t-shirt. The Claymore Costume is a great addition to your costume this Halloween! Our high quality jumpsuit is tailor-made for you and will be a hit at any fan event.

Claymore costume design
Customize your cosplay or Halloween costume with this high-quality Claymore hoodie and shirt set. The hoodie features an intricately patterned Claymore logo on the front, while the shirt has a jagged pattern across the front. With the Claymore costume, you can have your own Claymore character to play in cosplay events. With our professional-grade materials and meticulous craftsmanship, you will have your cosplay outfit ready in no time. The Claymore is available in men's and women's sizes, which can make your costume look authentic.

Claymore Costume is a must have for fans of the series!
Claymore is an anime series that follows the adventures of Clare and her companions in an alternative universe where people's souls are bound to claymores, legendary swords that can cut through anything. Now you can be a part of the fight for life and death with the Claymore Costume. Experience all of the glamour, adventure and action of the "Claymore" series with our selection of costume pieces. Gear up for the next big Halloween with this Claymore costume! Get ready to transform into one of your favorite characters and show off your fan spirit. Have you always wanted to dress up as your favorite TV or toy character? Claymore is a popular anime series, and this is one of the hottest costumes for men and women alike. This full set includes a vest and pants with attached tunic, sword, and claymore.

Advantages of Claymore costumes
1. Soft and stretchy fabric that feels great on the skin and is perfect for any size.
2. Guaranteed flattering fit with a unique design that caters to your body's shape.
3. High definition printing process ensures fantastic results every time.
4. High quality and attractive design that suits any style.