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The God of High School

Why you choose The God of High School costume?If you're looking for a unique and characteristic style, this is THE ONE! This one-of-a-kind costume is perfect for your high school reunion, festival, or party. High School is too busy, too loud, and so very, very boring. This is why you choose The God of High School costume. It's everything you need to make your high school life a little less boring!It's a beautiful and unique costume, with a mysterious design, with a strong marketing message.  The God of High School is a classic character in the history of Japanese manga (cartoon) and anime.  The God of High School is the main character of "Post-Mission Samsara", one of the popular manga series written and illustrated by Hideyuki Saeki, who is also known as "Tetsuo".You've got a few options. You can be Mr. Big, Mrs. Little, or whatever grade you go to school in, but if you don't dress well enough, no one will know who you really are.No more cutting corners, no more improvising. The God of High School is a complete, wearable high school costume. It's all you need to complete your look. A school themed character costume that's easy to wear and easy to take care of. It will be the coolest thing you own.