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In order to make your customized cosplay shoes/boots more comfortable, please provide us with the following data:
1.Foot size( length& width )
  • Stand on a sheet of paper.
  • Hold a pencil straight-up-and-down (perpendicular to floor) have it trace a line around your foot.
  • Measure the length and width of the measurement, as shown in the illustration.
cosplay boots
2.Calf Circumference
  • Straight leg,measure the widest part of your calf
3. Shaft Height
  • The length from tops of boots to the soles of the boots (the heel isn’t included)
4.Boots Opening Circumference
  • The circumference of the top of boots
5.Calf Height
  • The length from the boot bottom(the heel isn’t included) to the widest part of your calf

Shoes Size

Please note:
  1. If the Shaft Height is lower than calf height, then you only need to provide us the Foot size, Boots Opening Circumference, and Shaft Height
  2. We will customize the cosplay  boots in strict accordance with the size left by the buyer. However, this item belongs to handmade products, an error of 1-3cm of  the final product is acceptable.
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