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Star War Obi-Wan Darth Vader Cosplay Costume

$364.99 USD

Darth Vader, formerly known as Anakin Skywalker, is the leading actor in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and an important villain in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. His face is covered in a very ugly metal breathing mask, because Darth Vader would not be able to survive without the artificial support device of the armor suit, which is actually an "iron lung" to help his own lungs. breath. In order to make Darth Vader stronger, the empire used the hardest metal at that time for his armor, and his cloak could even withstand the attack of a lightsaber. Although badly injured, Darth Vader remains a powerful and dangerous figure. He relentlessly used torture and violence to achieve his goals, and Darth Vader's presence among the Galactic Empire army and the Rebel army would cause great fear. For more inquiries, please check Movie Costumes.