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A notebook that is supposed to bring death to anyone whose name is written in it. Light Yagami, a high school student, finds the death note and uses it to kill criminals. The series ran from June 8, 2003, to March 27, 2006, with the manga's 57th and final chapter published in Japan on May 9, 2006. A book of death. This costume is perfect for those who want to dress up like a dark hero. It includes a black jacket with a blood splatter design, a black shirt, and a red tie. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors to create the perfect costume. Lighting up the night sky, this death note costume will make you the center of attention. With all the details and materials, Death Note Costume is sure to be a hit with the Halloween party-goers.

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The costume is perfect for the character of Kira, and will keep you in the style of the popular manga series. This costume will allow you to transform into one of the main characters of the anime series, Death Note. The perfect outfit for your next costume party, the Death Note outfit includes a black jacket with a white cross on the back and front, along with a black dress shirt, and a pair of black slacks. Death Note costumes are made for people to wear for cosplay, photo shoots, parties, or just for fun. These costumes are also comfortable, making them ideal for cosplay or everyday wear. These Death Note costumes are perfect for cosplaying. Made with high-quality materials, they're comfortable and durable. With a high-quality mask, they're also easy to take care of. This is the perfect costume for fans of the hit anime, Death Note. With the help of this black and white outfit, you can easily become the next Kira. This costume will be the perfect choice for anyone who is planning to go to a Halloween party this year.

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This is a great product. This costume comes with everything you need to make a great costume. This is a great product. This Death Note costume comes with a wig, fake eyes, and black cape. It is perfect for dressing up as Light Yagami, the lead character in the popular manga series. Get ready for the most stylish and wicked costume this year. If you are looking for a killer costume for the upcoming party, then this is it. The costume features a black and white graphic design with the eye in the center of the chest. You will also get a white shirt with a light gray graphic design. It is the perfect costume to wear this Halloween.

Death Note cosplay costume
The Death Note cosplay costume is a must have for any cosplayer who is a fan of the Death Note anime and manga. The costume includes the light gray coat, the black blazer, the red tie, and a black hat. This costume is a replica of the Death Note, a Japanese manga and anime series. It's a cosplay costume that comes with a shirt, tie, and cape, as well as an official Death Note in the size of a notebook. The costume is perfect for cosplaying as the main character, Light Yagami, from the Death Note manga.

Death Note design
Death note costume for cosplay or halloween. T This costume is a replica of the Death Note, a Japanese manga and anime series.his Death note costume comes with a long sleeve dress with the signature red print and a matching cape. The death note costume is a dark, charcoal gray coat with black accents, along with a black and white striped shirt and matching black slacks. It also comes with a pair of black and white sneakers.

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This costume that has everyone's attention. This Death Note costume is a must-have for Halloween, for your next costume party, or for a Death Note-themed event! This black and white dress has red "death notes" written all over it, and has black straps that tie around your neck. This is a perfect costume for your next costume party or Death Note-themed event!This is a great costume for anyone who is a fan of Death Note! With the black outfit and black sunglasses, this costume will make you look just like the main character. The Death Note Costume is the perfect choice for any Death Note fan looking to dress as their favorite character. The costume comes in a blue jumpsuit and includes a death note book and a hat. The costume is great for cosplaying or for everyday wear.

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