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Why You Choose Digimon Costume?The Digimon franchise has been a popular animated franchise in Japan since 1999, which spawned a total of nine animated series and a feature film. With over 200 episodes in the franchise, there's a lot to catch up on for newcomers to the franchise. For fans of the show, it's the perfect time to invest in a physical copy of the series and watch all of the episodes in high definition. This cool Digimon costume is sure to get your little one's imagination going. A Digimon costume is a combination of multiple pieces of cloth, latex, or vinyl which create the look of a Digimon. This Digimon anime costume is designed to bring out your inner Digimon. It is perfect for those who love their digital pets and want to enjoy a party with their friends. For those who are looking to stand out at their next costume party, the Digimon costume is a perfect choice. This officially licensed costume features all the iconic elements of the beloved Digimon franchise, from the high-quality fabric to the vibrant colors. The fabric is made of a lightweight and breathable cotton-blend material for maximum comfort and durability.