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High Rise Invasion

Why You Choose Our High Rise Invasion Costume?High Rise Invasion is a Japanese manga series written by Tsuina Miura and illustrated by Takahiro Oba. The first volume of the manga was released on February 10, 2016, and ended on December 10, 2017, with its 100th chapter. The story follows Yui Hirasaka who has been living in an apartment high-rise all her life until one day she wakes up to find that the building is no longer surrounded by the city but instead it is surrounded by water. Our High Rise Invasion costume is perfect for any cosplay enthusiast or Halloween lover. With its sexy and comfortable design, you'll be ready to turn heads and make an unforgettable statement at your next party or event. Whether you want to go for a risqué style or a classic look, this costume is perfect for any occasion. Here you can find your favorite High Rise Invasion costume for the perfect cosplay. This costume set includes a hoodie, shirt, and t-shirt, designed to recreate the looks of the characters from the anime and manga series. So what are you waiting for? Get your High Rise Invasion anime costume today and make a lasting impression! It is perfect not only for fans of the High Rise Invasion anime and manga but also for anyone who wants to dress up as a heroic fantasy character.