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Higurashi When They Cry

Discover Your Preferred Higurashi When The Cry Character Costume HereHigurashi When The Cry is a Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft visual novel series produced by 07th Expansion. It was released in Japan on October 8, 2004, and has since spawned an anime adaption, manga adaptations, and several light novels. Discover the ultimate Higurashi When They Cry character costume with our wide selection of costumes. Whether you’re a fan of the game franchise or want to cosplay as your favorite character, we’ve got the perfect outfit for you. All of our costumes are designed to provide an authentic look and be as close to the original character as possible. Our cosplay costumes are made of high-quality materials, giving you the best possible experience. Our selection includes all of the major characters from the Higurashi When They Cry game franchise, such as Keiichi Maebara, Mion Sonozaki, and Rena Ryūgū. Each costume comes with detailed accessories, so you will feel like you’re in the game itself. Show off your true Higurashi fan life and find the perfect costume to show your love for the franchise. With our selection, you’ll have the perfect costume for any cosplay event or just for a creative photoshoot. Get your Higurashi When They Cry character costume now and make your dream come true.