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Get Your Favorite Parasyte Costume HereThere's a zombie apocalypse on the horizon. So what are you going to wear? We're gonna dress up like one of the mindless, hungry, and disgusting zombies that will roam your neighborhood if there's a full moon. You'll look terrifying and you'll feel unstoppable. A great costume for any party or costume contest! Your local hot dog vendor can't keep up with the demand for Parasyte costumes. At the same time, you're sure to have a favorite costume. Become a superpowered hero with the Parasyte cosplay costume featuring custom armor & powers. From stealth to speed, you'll look and feel like an action-packed superhero as you get in shape and impress all your friends."Parasyte" is a popular Japanese media franchise, and the Japanese term used to refer to vampires. In the show, these fictional creatures are created by transferring some of their human DNA from an ordinary person into a special egg produced by a witch.