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Sailor Moon

Why you choose Sailor Moon costume?It's about time for a change in your life. Get ready for a new journey, with Sailor Moon costume. It's time to stand up, be proud, and let everyone know who you are.You love Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon is an absolute must! You've probably heard about it before and you've even read about it. But never have you seen the real thing. Get it, get in costume and have a look at the true beauty of this magical legend in the show we're talking about.The next-generation costume that was worn by the young heroine in the anime series of "Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon Crystal", and "Sailor Moon R".Our Sailor Moon Costume for Women is finally here and will make you a cutie out of your best friend. It even comes with an adorable phone case!If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, know that you're not alone. This amazing anime series features a charming heroine who wears her magical powers and sass through the eyes of a young girl.The Sailor Moon costume comes with 2 pieces of hand painted clothing - a red and a white skirt. The red part features the hair clip, the white part features the petticoat. The black part features the belt, which is a special gift made of cloth and metal so it can be worn around your waist or tied on your belt.Elaborate your outfits with Sailor Moon's gorgeous costume. It's a perfect way to show your love for your favorite anime.